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Guard Interview
Please answer the following questions by entering/selecting a response.
1) Email Address:
2). Please Enter Your Name:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
3) What is your Telephone Number ?
4) What is your Address?
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
5) Which of the Florida Licenses you possess?
  •  D License (Unarmed Security Guard)
  •  G License (Armed Security Guard)
  •  No Licence
 6) What is your primary mode of transportation?
  • You own your own car
  • You ride with a friend or family member
  • Public transportation
  • Other
 7) How many hours do you want to work a week?
  • 8-16
  • 16-32
  • 32-40
  • Over 40
 8) At what approximate hourly rate are you willing to start?
  • $12.50
  • $13.00
  • $13.50
  • $14.50
  • Other
 9) What is your current availability?
  • Both Weekdays and Weekends
  • Only Weekdays
  • Only Weekends
 10) Which shift you are willing to work?
  • Any Time, Day or Night
  • Morning Shift - 7am to 3 pm
  • Afternoon Shift ? 3pm to 11pm
  • Midnight shift ? 11pm to 7am
11). Which area best describes where you most want to work:
  •  South:
  • Between Florida City and Kendall.
  • Includes areas around: Homestead, Cutler Ridge, Pine Crest, Metro Zoo, The Falls,The Hammocks,Miami-Dade Community College (South), Dadeland Mall
  •  Central:
  • Between Kendall and Miami International Airport.
  • Includes areas around: Sunset Drive, Bird Road, Westchester, Coral Gables,Coconut Grove, Doral, Little Havana, Airport, Downtown.
  •  North:
  • Between Miami International Airport and Hollywood.
  • Includes areas around: Dolphin Mall, Miami Jai Alai, Hialeah, Miami Beach, OpaLocka, Miami Gardens Drive, Carol City, Miami Shores, Joe Robbie Stadium.
  •  I Dont know
 12) Are you Bilingual?
  • Yes
  • No
 13) Do you have any work experience related to security or customer service or any other skills related to the job you are applying for?
  • Yes
  • No
 14) Which type of security work do you prefer?
  • A lot of Public Contact Pub
  • Minimal Public Contact Solo
  • A lot of Foot-Patrol Walk
  • A lot of Sitting Sit
  • Any Enviroment All
 15) Please answer the following question :
  • You are working in a retail store and posted at the front door when you see a teenager running towards the front door with merchandise in their hands.What do you do and why?
 16) Why do you want to work as a Security guard?
17) Please list the job(s) you have had over the past few years.
For mulitple jobs give a line break between two job description
  • example:
  • Company Name:
  • ABC Inc.

  • Company number:
  • 123-132-133

  • How long you worked there :
  • 2 years

  • What was your pay when you left: $8.00/hour

  • For fast response, either paste resume below or upload resume.
  • OR
  • Upload Resume
  • (Allowed file formats are :- .pdf, .txt, .doc and .rtf )