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Guard Interview
Please answer the following questions by entering/selecting a response.
1) Email Address:
2). Please Enter Your Name:
    First Name                          Last Name
3) What is your telephone Number ?
4) What is your Address?
    Address                              City
    State                                     Zip Code
5) Which of the Florida Licenses you possess?
     D License (Unarmed Security Guard)
     G License (Armed Security Guard)
     No Licence
 6) What is your primary mode of transportation?
    You own your own car
    You ride with a friend or family member
    Public transportation

 7) How many hours do you want to work a week?
    Over 40

 8) At what approximate hourly rate are you willing to start?

 9) What is your current availability?
    Both Weekdays and Weekends
    Only Weekdays
    Only Weekends

 10) Which shift you are willing to work?
    Any Time, Day or Night
    Morning Shift - 7am to 3 pm
    Afternoon Shift ? 3pm to 11pm
    Midnight shift ? 11pm to 7am
  11). Which area best describes where you most want to work:
Between Florida City and Kendall.
Includes areas around: Homestead, Cutler Ridge, Pine Crest, Metro Zoo, The Falls,The Hammocks,Miami-Dade Community College (South), Dadeland Mall
Between Kendall and Miami International Airport.
Includes areas around: Sunset Drive, Bird Road, Westchester, Coral Gables,Coconut Grove, Doral, Little Havana, Airport, Downtown.
Between Miami International Airport and Hollywood.
Includes areas around: Dolphin Mall, Miami Jai Alai, Hialeah, Miami Beach, OpaLocka, Miami Gardens Drive, Carol City, Miami Shores, Joe Robbie Stadium.
 I Dont know

 12) Are you Bilingual?

 13) Do you have any work experience related to security or customer service or any other skills related to the job you are applying for?

 14) Which type of security work do you prefer?
    A lot of Public Contact Pub
    Minimal Public Contact Solo
    A lot of Foot-Patrol Walk
    A lot of Sitting Sit
    Any Enviroment All

 15) Please answer the following question :
  You are working in a retail store and posted at the front door when you see a teenager running towards the front door with merchandise in their hands.What do you do and why?

 16) Why do you want to work as a Security guard?

17) Please list the job(s) you have had over the past few years.
For mulitple jobs give a line break between two job description
Company Name: ABC Inc.
Company number: 123-132-133
How long you worked there : 2 years
What was your pay when you left: $8.00/hour

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